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Utah Lake Plans

The Utah Division of Forestry, Fire and State Lands (FFSL) is the responsible agency for administering sovereign lands in the state of Utah. The bed of Utah Lake is considered sovereign lands and is managed by FFSL. During 2011, FFSL received several applications from residential property owners adjacent to Utah Lake for the installation of private boat docks or piers on sovereign lands of the lake. During the review of these applications, FFSL staff determined that the existing Utah Lake Comprehensive Management Plan (ULCMP) does not provide adequate guidance in the permitting of these types of structures. Therefore, FFSL decided to amend the ULCMP to address this issue. In February 2012, FFSL held two public meetings to gather public comment on the development of permitting guidelines for Utah Lake boat docks. FFSL then conducted an analysis of suitable boat dock guidelines and has now determined that community boat docks are the preferred permitting strategy. The Draft Final ULCMP Amendment will allow FFSL to adopt the permitting guidelines for Utah Lake. 

Presentation file from the public meetings.

Final Draft Utah Lake Comprehensive Management Plan Amendment (Sep. 2014)