Utah Division of
Forestry, Fire & State Lands

Utah Department of Natural Resources

Great Salt Lake


The Division of Forestry, Fire & State Lands (FFSL) has direct management jurisdiction over lands below the GSL meander line. However, FFSL recognizes the importance of the GSL ecosystem, including resource values and uses outside of the meander line that affect or are affected by actions on sovereign lands. Accordingly, FFSL considers it imperative that management of GSL include coordination in planning and actions by other agencies with jurisdictional responsibility over these resources.

GSL is a unique and complex ecosystem of regional and hemispherical importance. Sustainable use of GSL’s natural resources will ensure that the ecological health (e.g., water quality, shoreline condition,salinity, aquatic organisms, wildlife, wetlands), scenic attributes, extractive industries (e.g., minerals,brine shrimp, microorganisms), and recreation opportunities (e.g., bird watching, hunting, sailing) will be maintained into the future. FFSL coordinates with other state, federal and local entities to ensure that the management of these resources will provide lasting benefit to the Public Trust. Great Salt Lake is managed by FFSL under the Great Salt Lake Comprehensive Management and Mineral Leasing Plans.